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Train Stations

Enable digitalisation and transform your commuters’ experience by keeping them connected...

Transform your commuters experience...

Station benefits

There are plenty of great benefits to having Joos at your train station:

Free & self-service

Our service comes at absolutely no cost meaning setup, maintenance, replacement and customer support are all covered by Joos. Our Joos Boxes are fully self-service so station staff never need to support passengers at any point.


Revenue Stream

Your station can enjoy additional revenue streams with no investment and with Joos, you’ll benefit from higher revenue than any other phone charging facility. Through a revenue share agreement, your station could be on track to make a six-figure annual sum - not bad considering Joos is free of charge.

Advertising Opportunity

You can have digital ads shared across the portable chargers, Joos boxes and the Joos app that customers download to access the power bank.

Customer benefits

Joos power banks can be rented at train stations to help keep passengers connected on the commute. When low on power and unable to access their mobile tickets, they simply plug-in and go.
With over 30 stations due to install Joos in the near future, we are committed to helping passengers avoid low power anxiety.

Indeed, findings from our Killer Stats Survey suggest that:

• 91% of respondents feel it is important to have a charged mobile device before travelling
• 83% of respondents feel it is useful to have access to a charge on the move solution at train stations

Unlike other charging solutions, passengers don’t have to leave their phones unattended in a locker leaving them untethered. Joos portable phone chargers were designed with station mobility in mind so passengers can pick up a charger at one station, and use it on their train journey before docking it at another Joos Box at their destination.

London Bridge Success Story

London Bridge Railway Station is one of the busiest stations in the UK so it made perfect sense the location was the first to provide Joos, as part of Network Rail’s commitment to digitalisation across railway environments.

Passengers and visitors can rent a power bank from one of three Joos Boxes at London Bridge, travel
with it so their phones are fully charged, and return it to any Joos Box in the UK & Ireland.
In the first two months alone, the station saw results including:

• 420 power bank rentals
• Power banks used for an average of 5:45 hours.
• 4.8/5 Customer rating

“We’re really excited to launch this trial with Joos. Providing digital technology to help make people’s journeys easier will enable our passengers to have an even better customer experience.

With so much reliance on mobile phone technology for life’s essential activities, Joos will provide an important service to help keep our passengers online and able to access ticketing, retail and travel information when they need.”

Lucy McAuliffe, Network Rail Stations Manager, Southern Region

Supercharge your revenue with Joos.

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