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The Journey to Joos


Rent power banks from Joos — a new brand with anti-Covid measures to keep you safely charged

Many spent the UK’s lockdown on Zoom quizzes, starting new exercise regimes or baking banana bread. We set about changing things up like never before, with a revolutionary new product and a brand to empower customers everywhere to charge on the move. Meet Joos…

You’re going about your busy day, running errands and seeing friends, when suddenly you find yourself running out of battery on your phone. Watching the percentage charge slowly drip away, you find yourself faced with three options — go home and charge it, buy a cable and waste time in a cafe for a couple of hours or, let your battery drop to zero. But wait, there is another option.

Joos have a network of power bank stations, where you can rent a power bank to use as you go about your busy day. You don’t have to sit and wait by a plug to get your phone back up to a usable level; our chargers are available to pick up and take so you can charge on the move.

This isn’t the team’s first rodeo — we partnered with a leading power bank rental service, to distribute our previous solution, ChargeBolt, across the UK. But we wanted to go further and take matters into our own hands so that we could produce a better service for customers and a better offering for our venues. That’s why we created Joos, a product that is ready to bring ultimate connectivity to the world.

“Joos is the modern, convenient solution for all when you’re facing low battery” says Josh, co-founder of Joos. “When you’re on 2% battery and you see that Joos logo, it’s like someone handing you a cold, refreshing glass of juice on a hot day.”

Our founders, Josh, Hannz & Peter are all retailers and restaurateurs. It was important to them to create a product that is designed for the hospitality & retail sectors. The Joos team want to get our charging stations in as many locations as possible, with a design that is the ultimate convenient solution for everyone to use.

“It’s also a breath of fresh air for businesses and venues because it’s a new, revolutionary solution that doesn’t cost them any money,” adds Josh. Venues want their customers to have the amenities needed to be able to stick around for as long as they want, and Joos provides that. Venues can spend thousands of pounds on charging infrastructure for their customers but in the current state of the world, this is simply not practical. With Joos, it’s free for businesses to get a charging station, including set-up, maintenance and 24/7 support.

To use Joos, you go on the app to find your nearest charging station. Once you find it, scan the QR code, grab a power bank, you can charge as you go about the rest of your day. Users pay for the length of time they use the power bank, much like hiring a bicycle, then when they are done, they can drop it back to their nearest station. It can be the same charging station as before, or any other nearby that the user can see on the app.

When Covid-19 hit the UK, the Joos team realised how important it would be to keep our customers safe in the long run. We spent lockdown perfecting our brand-new proprietary product that reduces the risk of transferring the virus between users. The team has stayed proactive in following the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) advice on viral contraction, and designed a product and service with Covid at the forefront of our thinking, aiming to ensure the risk of contraction is minimised as much as possible.

Joos are poised to roll out across the UK & Ireland to cool and convenient spots. Imagine all the places where you have ever wished you had a way to charge your phone — bars, clubs, shopping centres, airports, train stations and more. Do you have a spot you’d like to grab Joos at? Let us know!

Stay tuned to hear more about the exciting things to come from the team, the future’s looking Joosy…

25 September 2020