Blog Post #3:

Staying Sustainable during Covid-19

Team Joos stands against the use of single-use plastics and are actively encouraging our customers to do the same

As Covid struck, like offices all over the world, we shut down and switched to a work from home culture for several months. Luckily enough, we’ve been able to intermittently reopen our office with safety precautions in place, as we welcomed the arrival and subsequent distribution of our new products.

Despite the excitement of our launch and the relief at being able to travel in and out of Joos HQ, there was one thing that we couldn’t help but notice across London; single-use masks, everywhere.

Our streets, tube stations and bus stops all seemed to be covered in sodden blue polypropylene masks. Masks that even when disposed of in the correct manner cannot be recycled and masks that unfortunately face the sorry fate of ending up in our oceans – Team Joos wanted to do our bit to help the cause, resulting in a hugely successful giveaway.

With the help of our official mask partners, we were able to give away over 2,500 high quality reusable masks to our growing Instagram following, completely for free. Kytt’s masks are some of the best quality in the UK, providing unparalleled protection and utilising Tencel cellulosic fibres for comfort on all skin – plus with a Joosy orange logo on the side, they’re the number one choice for staying protected, comfortable and stylish!

We gave a mask away to anyone that wanted one, all they had to do was hit ‘Follow’ on our Instagram profile and a Joosy new mask would appear on their doorsteps. The giveaway provided us with an opportunity to not only safeguard our followers with some of the best facemasks on the market, we also drastically reduced the number of single-use masks in circulation.

Through the 2,500 masks given away, we saved an estimated 60,000 single use masks from ending up in landfill during December. While the UK as a whole has a long way to go in reducing the single-use wastage further, it is incredible that Team Joos was able to end the year making such a positive impact in this space.

The reduction of single-use plastics in our work-space and wider production line is one of several elements that we’re focusing on in our newly launched Social Impact agenda. For more information on our aims, you can view the agenda in full here.

For further information on the masks used in our giveaway and the opportunity to buy them for personal or business use, check out

Stay tuned for some Joosy new stories and updates in 2021.

22 December 2020