Social Impact

At Joos, we believe the role of big businesses & global supply chains in creating a greener, healthier planet is often understated and de-prioritised for tokenistic ‘sustainability initiatives’. At the start of 2020, we vertically integrated and gained control over our supply chain, enabling us to reduce the negative impact such manufacturing has on our planet.

Packaging & Supply Chain

We’ve worked closely with our new tech & product team in China, appointing sustainability officers in both London & Hangzhou to act as advocates for the sustainable manufacture and production of Joos, ensuring our product is delivered with our love for the planet as an utmost priority.

In 2021, we successfully removed polystyrene and plastic packaging materials from our shipping process and replaced them with paper and biodegradable materials. We’ve designed Joos to be recyclable and we use British recycling companies, as well as carbon offsetting initiatives to ensure we are as green as possible, throughout our entire supply chain.


Charge4Good sees us offer a share of revenue generated at our venues to a charity of their choice. On top of pledges to our own charity partners, this ensures that we maximise the local impact that we can make by working with charities & causes close to our venues’ hearts.

Notably, a share of every rental across BrewDog’s UK bars goes towards Eden Reforestation Projects – BrewDog’s charity of choice, dedicated to reducing poverty and restoring healthy forests around the world.

Charity Partners

We’re pledging 1% of all revenue to those under the poverty line in the markets which we operate in. Through our UK charity partners, Crisis and Centrepoint, we will be aiding a number of projects that have the common goal of reducing homelessness and providing shelter and accommodation to those in need, which is a growing problem in our urban environments. We’ll be sharing our journey with each charity partner across our social media channels!