Social Impact


Here at Joos, sustainability is at the core of what we do. We strive to always be aware of our environmental impact, both as a business and as individual employees. With our ever- growing sustainability agenda, the goal is simply to make a tangible difference whenever we can.

With founders Josh and Hannz having both studied International Development at university, their interest in both business and philanthropy is something which has inspired our CSR scheme / journey with sustainability. Appointing a Sustainability Officer in our Team, has helped to cement these objectives, pushing us to achieve our goals and getting us one step closer to the desired B-Corp status.


We are proud to support a variety of initiatives, including a tree planting scheme in Ghana to our ethical sourcing and plastic free zones in our UK office and on the production line in China.


From cycle to work schemes, to creating educational platforms for our teams in the UK and China, we continue to encourage collective engagement and a sounder knowledge of sustainability and recycling in our team and as a business.


Recently, our sustainability team managed to ensure that all polystyrene and plastic packaging materials are replaced with paper and biodegradable materials when shipping from China. Alongside this, our reusable mask campaign saved an estimated 60,000 disposable masks being used, so we are confident that we will continue to play our part as an ethically conscious business.


Through using local recycling companies in London as well as our carbon offsetting initiatives and use of biodegradable packaging materials, we are ensuring our growth as a green company.

Charge4Good and Charity Work

We have decided to kick off our ever-evolving social agenda with our ‘Charge4Good’ scheme, which sees us offer a share of revenue generated at our venues to go towards a charity of their choice.


On a global scale, we are partnering with charities in the UK, Congo and Ghana and are pledging 1% of our revenue to those under the poverty line in the UK and Ireland.


With both UK charities supporting homelessness across our nation, Crisis and Centrepoint were quickly chosen by our sustainability officer as charities to aid. These donations will aid a number of projects which we are very excited to share with you over the coming months.


If you would like to hear more about our chosen charities, what they do and what we wish to achieve together, then please do click the link below to read our blog. You can also keep in the loop with all future updates posted on our social media pages!