Case Study:  Joos  at Salford Royal Hospital 

Joos solves low phone battery for visitors & emergency patients at Salford Royal Hospital, keeping them connected to friends & family

Consultants in the Emergency Medicine department at Salford Royal recognised how a patient’s smartphone is essential to their experience and the level of care the hospital provides:​ 

  • Comfort – with increased waiting times, most patients rely on their phone to pass the time, and maintain contact with friends & family​ 
  • Patients’ phones are essential to arrange onward travel from the emergency department​ 
  • Emergency Contacts – emergency services can form a better understanding of an unconscious/incohesive patient’s existing health conditions by contacting their stored ICE ‘In Case of Emergency’ contacts 

Having spoken with Joos, the Emergency Department team agreed that Joos’ portable phone chargers tick the boxes that no other service could provide.  

They said the key reasons for selecting Joos were: 

  • Visitors & patients can continue to use their phones while they charge, and never run flat as they move between departments 
  • Joos is fully automated, self-service and cashless with support for Apple Pay, Google Pay and debit/credit cards​ – meaning staff don’t have to do a thing 
  • Customers remain safe thanks to Joos’ medical grade antimicrobial plastics and chargers which quarantine themselves between use 
  • It’s completely free for the hospital, including installation, maintenance, and direct-to-customer Live Chat 

Joos is located in the A&E waiting area, providing both patients and visitors with charge while they wait 

The service has proven to be extremely effective for Salford Royal Hospital: 

  • Within 50 days, hundreds of visitors & outpatients rented power banks
  • 90% of outpatients used Joos for up to six hours, and some for over 40 hours​ 
  • Visitors & patients scored Joos 4.2 out of 5​ in customer satisfaction 
  • Staff benefit from 1-hour free use, every day​ 
  • Joos delivered, set up and fully manages the service including direct-to-customer support cost-free, making it ultra light on hospital resources 

“At times of long waits at our emergency department, patients rely on their phones to help pass the time. They are also crucial for people to stay in touch with family and keep people informed of their progress. Being able to contact family members to arrange a lift home is essential. Joos’ mobile power banks have solved the chain of problems that arise from a flat battery, and the team has been fantastic to work with. I highly recommend the service for other emergency departments.” Neill Hughes, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Salford Royal NHS Hospital

Order  Joos  for your hospital by 28th  February  2022, and receive one of these extras:​ 

1-hour free every day for NHS staff​ at your hospital 

We’ll donate 10% of revenue to a Charity or Trust​ of your choice