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Take away that low battery anxiety - let your customers charge on the move whilst they’re shopping...

Charge as you shop...

Shopping Centre benefits

Joos offers a wide variety of benefits for high footfall shopping centre venues including:

Increase dwell time.

Increased dwell time - with customers far likelier to keep shopping and spending when they have a fully-charged phone

Increase footfall.

Higher numbers of people visiting the shopping centre to access charging facilities - and spending whilst they are on site.

Increase spend.

Empower customer spending by providing the charge people need to make mobile contactless payments, particularly if they've left their cards at home.

Customer benefits

Visiting a shopping centre has become a digital experience. Whether customers are browsing a retail outlet, eating at a restaurant, or enjoying a film at the cinema, having access to a fully-charged phone – which people use to make payments, scour menus and purchase tickets – is increasingly

Often, phone battery levels can be the difference between a great day out and an early trip home.
Findings have shown that:

• More than 83% of customers use their phones during shopping
• 50% of customers spend more than 15 minutes on their phone whilst in a store
• 62% of customers are ready to scan a product with their phones to read reviews whilst
browsing a shop

For too long, shopping centre customers with low battery have had to find plug sockets or use charging locker boxes to prevent their devices from going dead – spending huge amounts of time tethered to walls or without their phones entirely. But with Joos, customers can grab a power bank and charge on the go – continuing with their shopping and activities as normal.

Bullring Success Story

Bullring & Grand Central in Birmingham is one of the biggest and busiest shopping centres in Britain - comprising 128,000 sq ft with 140 retail outlets across four floors welcoming 39 million people every year. With such a high volume of visitors moving at fast pace within the venue on a daily basis, Bullring required a charging solution that customers could utilise quickly, easily and safely.

In December 2020, Joos installed six Joos Max units at Bullring – enabling shoppers to grab a power bank and juice up their mobiles on the go whilst shopping, dining and participating in leisure activities located across the centre – returning their charger to any Joos charging station in the UK & Ireland.

Following the integration of Joos at Bullring, the shopping centre saw:

• 18 rentals per day on average
• 7,700 rentals from more than 4,600 customers
• A huge 28,000 hours of battery life added to users’ phones during their visits

Supercharge your revenue with Joos.

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