Blog Post #8:

Joos launches at Liverpool Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport launches Joos, empowering passengers to charge on the move 

Liverpool John Lennon Airport has become the first major airport to install Joos in the UK. It’s our first install in the travel sector and we look forward to making waves across the sector in 2021, servicing travellers as the sector reopens this year! 

It has undoubtedly been a tough 12-months for everyone in the UK; businesses & venues across all sectors have struggled. Airports & other travel hubs have been at the centre of these struggles and everyone at Joos is excited at the prospect of entering the sector as it reopens.  

Recent advancements towards a seamless, ‘contactless’ travel experience have been accelerated by Covid, to the point there is an overwhelming need for innovation at airports. We are proud that Joos will play a significant part in ensuring that customers can now safely stay connected ahead of their travels at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. 

Having installed our Joos Maxes in both landside and airside, Joos allows travellers to grab a power bank as soon as they arrive at the airport. They can then charge all the way through bag-drop, security, duty-free, and even as they are getting those pre-flight drinks in… all before they drop off at the gate before their flight. It couldn’t be more convenient!  

Travellers and customers everywhere are even more reliant on mobile devices than ever before. Passengers now need access to their phones for ticketing, payments, entertainment and potential vaccine passports. 

Luckily for LJLA, Joos can cater to all these needs and due to Joos’ anti-covid protections, does so safer than any charging solution to come before. Joos includes advanced safety measures, which minimises the risk of viral transmission between passengers. Our power banks are made from medical-grade antimicrobial plastic and are quarantined between use until any potential viral agents are broken down. 

Lucy O’Shaughnessy, Commercial Director at Liverpool Airport said, “We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to further enhance the passenger experience, and with more and more travel related information now being stored on passenger’s smart phones, our partnership with Joos will help to take away the fear our passengers may have about their phones running out of battery life, just when they need it most.” 

We can’t wait to share more news in the coming weeks as we expand to more of the UK, and keep more people charged as life gets back to ‘normal’… stay tuned!

08 June 2021