Blog Post #11:

Joos launch night-time safety campaign, in partnership with NTIA 

Joos are proud to launch our new night-time safety campaign, in partnership with the Night Time Industry Association (NTIA)

The night-time and a lack of feeling safe have long been synonymous with one another. Over the past few years, there has been a wave of media attention drawn towards this issue, predominately in the form of campaigns against sexual harassment and violence against women. Here at Joos, we believe the culture around night-time safety needs to change.  

In 2020, we began extensive research into the relationship between anxiety & feeling unsafe on a night-out and phone battery. Partnering with YouGov, Joos carried out a nationally representative survey to understand how Brits feel when out at night with a dying phone. Our initial dataset measured responses to questions based on people’s experiences from March 2019 – March 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in the UK. 

Revisiting our survey results this year, we soon realised that our findings were even more poignant in a post-Covid society, one in which our lives even more intertwined with mobile technology than ever before. 

Our survey echoed the sentiments of the aforementioned national campaigns, with key statistics emerging, such as: 64% of females feel either scared or anxious when their phone battery is dying, whilst out at night-time. Shockingly, 44% of young women also said they’d feel unsafe when alone with a dying phone at night, even when in a familiar place.  

Despite ongoing safety threats, our report shines a light on the comfortability and assurance night-goers believe a charged mobile phone can bring, not only to stay in touch with loved ones but also to enable payment and transport. In particular, young people believe their smartphones are now more important to them whilst out at night than their wallets are. With much of night-time transport now app-based (Uber, Bolt etc…) a charged smartphone has become paramount to ensuring a safe journey home. 

So what is the solution? Joos is offered completely free for venues up and down the UK. As we continue to deliver our solution to bars, pubs, and clubs across the country, Joos has identified key transport hubs as the next strategic step to ensure customers always have access to a power bank during their night out.  

In the covid-hit 2021 we delivered over 150,000 hours of charge to our customers. With the recent addition of major hospitality chains Brewdog, Laines Pubs and PubInvest pubs and bars, we are confident Joos’ power banks will continue to help night time consumers in need.  

While the evidence suggests there is a long way to go before night-goers feel safe during their night out, what is clear, is that the need for 24/7 charging solution has never been more apparent. 

03 September 2021