Case Study: Joos at Café Society

“We enjoy having Joos at our café! We love the look of the new Joos station and find it very useful – it takes the pressure off the staff when customers ask to charge their phones behind the till. The availability of portable chargers also enables them to stay at our café for longer.”
– Pino D’Amore, Café Owner 

Café Society Millbank is a cosy Italian bistro offering a selection of fresh homemade meals. Located next to Vauxhall Bridge, the visitors can enjoy outside seating space overlooking the river and iconic riverside buildings. The café’s owner, Pino D’Amore, has made his venue a quiet, sociable space, where customers can spend hours enjoying authentic Italian cakes and pastries accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee.  

One problem Pino noticed was that after a long day at Tate Britain, which is located just around the corner, many customers come to the café with a dying/dead device and ask to charge it behind the counter. However, the café lacks the space to charge multiple phones at once and doesn’t have enough staff members to constantly be keeping an eye on them.  

Since installation, Pino has told us that having Joos power banks takes the pressure off his staff and enables the guests stay at the café for much longer. The café now enjoys many additional benefits that come with having a Joos Box installed, such as: 

  • Customers spending more 
  • No pressure on café’s staff to look after customers’ phones 
  • Happier customers – no low battery anxiety 
  • Customers likely to return once they know about Joos 
  • COVID-proof 


In December 2020, Pino was delighted to see the newly designed Joos Box which now sits on the café counter, taking up minimal space compared to the previous ChargeBolt station. He also welcomed the new COVID-proof locking mechanism as during Covid-19 lockdown, customers frequently enquired about the safety of the using the charging solution. 

The café also receives hand sanitiser, face masks and marketing materials from us, completely for free. We’re proud to be able to support so many smaller, family-owned businesses who’ve gone through difficulties since Covid-19 outbreak. Café Society Millbank is a one of many independent businesses across London that we look forward to maintaining a long and Joosy relationship with!