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Increased waiting times leave patients and visitors with low mobile battery, disconnected from friends and family


A flat phone disconnects families, makes arranging onward transport difficult and adds to the stress
of increased waiting time. Over 60 major NHS hospitals work with Joos

Improve Patient Experience 

Patients no longer have to sit on the floor by an available socket

Improve Safety Measures

Reduced the risk of fire associated with untested chargers in wall sockets

Reduce Pressure on Staff 

Lighten the load on admin & clinical staff so they can focus on patient care


Imperial College Healthcare

Imperial College Healthcare was an early adopter, searching for a mobile phone charging solution at both Charing Cross Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital emergency departments. 

Salford Royal NHS

Salford Royal Hospital realised how increased waiting times and visitor restrictions combined to leave patients running out of phone charge and disconnected from family.

Patient Benefits

Enhanced Comfort

Being disconnected from friends & family while waiting in the emergency department is stressful. Patients who sit with their phone charging on a handy little power bank are offered greater comfort.

Always Engaged

Alternative phone charging solutions often mean the patient leaves their phone in a locker or hands it over to staff, unable to use it while it charges.   With Joos' portable handheld mobile charger, patients are never without their phone, making the wait easier.

Rent or Own It

Patients can rent the power bank for as long as they want, returning it to the charging station when finished. Or they can purchase to use it hundreds of times, charging it via USB at home.


Patients rent a portable charger from the Joos Box and charge from any seat or carry it with them.

Supports Every Device

Joos power banks come with 3 integrated cables: Android, USB-C and an Apple certified lightning cable

Nobody plans to go to A&E... get Joos now

Add your details below to find out more about getting Joos across your hospital waiting rooms. We will be in touch shortly and can have you charging customers within a matter of days.

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