Nobody plans to visit A&E… 


Are your staff asked to charged patients’ phones?



Joos’ Apple-Certified service offers hospitals a safe & proven solution: 

  • Patients rent a power bank to charge any mobile device 
  • Designed with Hospital Estates, including IPC-friendly 
  • Easy to use, self-service 
  • No set-up or maintenance fees 
  • Revenue share with the Trust / Charity 

Joos at Salford Royal Hospital Emergency Dept. 


  • Serving over 2,000 A&E patients annually 
  • 3 hour average rentals, making waiting time easier 
  • Relaxed pressure on staff to charge phones 
  • No risk from damaged/ uncertified charging cables 

Already trusted by:

‘Joos solved the chain of problems from flat battery. I highly recommend the service for other emergency departments’

Neill Hughes, Consultant in Emergency Medicine 

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