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Your solution to low battery, incentivising customers to stay longer & spending, and helps them journey home safely at night

Don't let a dead battery kill the fun

Mobile wallets will be the standard form of payment by 2025 Joos keeps your customers spending and saves your staff the hassle and security risks charging devices behind the bar

Customers Spend More

Apple, Google and Samsung Pay are used by 64% of 18-34 years olds and set to be the standard payment by 2025

Night Safety

To get home safely at night customers and staff need access to journey information and taxi apps on their phone


Photos, videos, and apps like TikTok boost group enjoyment by capturing memories, encouraging social sharing, and raising awareness of your site

Brewdog Case Study

BrewDog has pulled over 160 million pints at over 100 bars Digitalisation makes having a low maintenance phone charging solution essential to its continued success

Here's some highlights of Joos x BrewDog's partnership:

Customer Benefits

Whether you’re at a shopping centre or a bar, having a fully charged phone could be the difference between staying out or going home. With everything from restaurant menus to bank cards easily accessed from mobile phones, a low battery can put a stop to a fun day out. See what difference a portable charging solution can make when you’re shopping or dining out:


Always on. Keeping You Safe.

Make sure your phone is fully charged, especially after a night out to arrange safe travel home.

Contactless Payments

Continue making mobile contactless payments, particularly if you’ve left your bank cards at home.

Stay Mobile

No more being tethered to plug sockets or leaving phones unattended in charging lockers; enjoy freedom and mobility with portable chargers you can use for as long as you need.


Guests rent a portable power bank from the Joos Box, take it to their table or stash it in their pocket.

Supports Every Device

Three integrated cables, including Apple’s exclusive safety certification.

Supercharge your venue with Joos.

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