Case Study: Joos at Cabot Circus

The Chargers have been really well received at Cabot and offer our customers a unique opportunity to charge whilst they shop – they can even pick a charger up at one end of the centre and off again at another, it’s just so convenient  Cabot Circus Customer Service Team 

Cabot Circus is the biggest shopping centre in Bristol, with an annual footfall of over 17.5million. In 2019, Hammerson, who own and operate Cabot Circus amongst a portfolio of some of the UK’s largest shopping centres, identified their customer charging facilities as a key area for improvement. 

Their existing solution was a suite of static Charging Lockers throughout the centre, which presented several concerns, such as: 

  • Security Issues 
  • They render customers immobile and economically inactive 
  • They cause crowding 
  • They cost the centre £0,000’s p/a in maintenance fees 

Having spoken to our team and having recognised the vast benefits associated with a charge on the move solution, Hammerson agreed to install 5 of our large ChargeBolt* units across the centre. 

Despite the success of ChargeBolt, at the outbreak of Covid-19, our team recognised the importance of a Covid-safe solution and invested heavily to develop our own proprietary solution. We took full control of our supply chain and created a bespoke product that removed the risk associated with the transmission of Covid-19, whilst also upgrading the aesthetic to make it …. 

Hammerson & the Cabot Circus’ teams were quick to agree to a rollout of Joos in place of ChargeBolt and we were able to install across Hammerson’s nationwide portfolio of shopping centres as 2020 ended. 

Joos has a dedicated Bristol area manager, Amy, who visits Cabot Circus at least once a week to answer any of the Customer Services’ Team’s questions or queries and deep clean all Joos equipment. Joos has a range of anti-Covid-19 features that Cabot Circus’ customers are benefitting from, including our quarantine locking mechanism, antimicrobial plastics & protective slots for our power banks. 

Despite lockdown restrictions in place, Joos registered over 100 users at Cabot Circus in December 2020, with usage expected to rise drastically following the Covid-19 pandemic. The key benefits that Joos has brought to Cabot Circus include: 

  • Customers can charge whilst they shop 
  • Security issues are drastically reduced 
  • Customers can charge safely, despite Covid-19 
  • The centre now pays £0 p/a for their customer charging solution 


*ChargeBolt preceded Joos as our former charge on the move solution, launched in 2019 and replaced by Joos in Q4 of 2020