Got a question? Make it Joosy

Is Joos Business really free of charge?

Yes, Joos Business is completely free of charge for your business. We install, maintain and provide 24/7 customer support – all for FREE. We said free, yes?

The only cost to your business is electricity … an average of £2 a month.

Why wouldn’t you do this?

Surely support and maintenance aren’t free?

Surely they are. Joos is a fully managed service. We have customer service teams on-call 24/7, and our experts make regular visits out to make sure Joos is working for your customers … and working for your business.

We remotely monitor any Joos kit that’s installed in your venue, so we get an alert if ever you need maintenance or replacements.

What if the station goes missing or gets damaged?

We call it Joos with no spillage because you hold absolutely no liability for any damage or losses incurred to any Joos products (Joos Stations or Joos Power Banks).

We also hold full public liability insurance.

What if I change my mind and no longer want a Joos Charging Station?

We’d be a little miffed, truth be told. But if that’s the case simply give us a call on 0800 0291 699 and our 24/7 Customer Service team will arrange removal of your Station ASAP.

What benefits are there to bringing Joos into my venue?

Loads. Having Joos in your venue(s) brings several business benefits. Beyond providing customers a much-needed service, Joos Station screens are bright advertising beacons that alert customers to who you are and what’s going on.

Performance data shows that Joos will increase customer dwell time as well as customer footfall.

The extra footfall is, in part, down to our app – a FREE marketing tool for your venue(s) where you can connect Joos users to your ongoing campaigns and promotions.