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Give passengers the power to roam duty free and spend whilst charging up, instead of sitting by a socket airside...

Roam duty free while charging up...

Airport benefits

There are plenty of great benefits to having Joos at your train station:

Safe spending

Increased spending as passengers have fully charged phones meaning more time spent with airport retailers. Joos power banks are manufactured using medical grade antimicrobial plastic, ensuring the risk of viral contraction is minimised.


Branding opportunities

We offer added value partnering opportunities across our product surfaces, digital signage and the Joos app. This creates the opportunity for you to grab customer attention with our screens.

Revenue Share

Through a revenue share agreement, your airport could be on track to make a six-figure annual sum.

Traveller benefits

Having a charged phone is key to enjoying the airport’s amenities while staying safe and connected throughout a trip. Joos portable phone chargers empower a seamless digital experience throughout the airport, reducing the risk of low phone battery preventing check-in, boarding or presenting a COVID-19 passport. Passengers simply pick up a power bank at check-in, drop it off at Departures, or when returning from their trip – at the same airport or across thousands of UK venues. With Joos available at your airport, passengers can benefit from:

Forget charging lockers.

Easier airport mobility with a portable phone charger that doesn’t leave passengers tethered to USB charging points or anxious about leaving phones unattended in charging lockers.


Cables that can power other devices like cameras and headphones, meaning lots of digital entertainment to stay occupied on long journeys.

Enjoy duty free.

Flexibility to enjoy duty free shopping and the ability to make mobile contactless payments as their phone charges.

Kit included.

Power banks that include cables for every phone, so there is no need to worry about forgotten cables at home or buried at the bottom of suitcases.

Bristol Airport Case Study

As the second UK airport to install Joos, Bristol was hoping to address some key challenges. They wanted to find a solution to passenger phone charging as post-pandemic commuting resumed. From check-in and boarding process to presenting vaccine passports and mobile boarding passes, passengers were more reliant on their phones than ever.

Some of the challenges they were hoping to overcome at Bristol Airport included:

• The decline in passengers’ use of charging lockers, which like many traditional charging points restricted passenger mobility.
• Security issues since existing power chargers can hack or damage phones.
• Passenger crowding around charging points creating a risk of spreading COVID-19.
• Immobile passengers unable to enjoy duty-free shopping due to being stuck near power points.

After installing Joos, Bristol Airport experienced outstanding results:

• As many as 1-in-500 passengers use the power bank some weeks, for 57 minutes on average.
• 65% demand airside, 35% demand landside.
• 1-in-5 landside users carry power banks through to airside, highlighting the CX value of Joos’ charge-on-the-move solution.

“We are delighted to work with Joos to provide a mobile and flexible solution to charge electric items for our customers.
We have used phone charging units previously but nothing like the Joos system which allows customers freedom whilst at the Airport.”

Andrew Morris, Retail Manager, Bristol Airport

Supercharge your revenue with Joos.

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