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Stay charged, stay connected.

Supercharge your business with Joos power banks. Our mobile phone charging stations powers up your customers and your bottom line.

Join the thousands of venues already trusting Joos

A new era of convenience.

Your visitors are low on battery & they don’t want to leave soon

Studies show people feel anxious and spend less when their phones are uncharged.

You can scan the QR code with your phone camera & within 60 seconds grab a portable charger

Our portable chargers can charge every smartphone on the market.

Once plugged in, your visitors and customers are happier & keep spending

They can then return the portable charger at your venue or take it elsewhere to any Joos location.


Free set-up and 24/7 support. Free maintenance includes replacements for lost or stolen units

Increase revenues.

Joos is proven to increase your sales, customers stay longer when they don’t have to rush home to charge… plus with mobile payments on the rise, we ensure you don’t miss out!

Enhance experience.

Joos allows customers to stay connected from the comfort of their seats, no more hanging around by a plug in the wall & no more phones behind your bar/counter!

Improve convenience.

Joos allows customers to stay connected from the comfort of their seats, no more hanging around by a plug in the wall & no more phones behind your bar/counter!

It’s free of charge!

Joos is completely free for your business. We’re a fully managed service, meaning setup, maintenance and constant support is all on us!

Why Joos?

Boost your business with Joos. Our mobile charging stations power up your customers…and your bottom line.

Increase revenues.

Enjoy increased footfall to your venue once your customers learn you’ve installed a charging solution and get a boost in spend as they stay longer in your venue.

Improve convenience.

Customers are more likely to end their visit to your venue prematurely if their battery dies. Increase dwell time with a portable charger they can use for hours and return whenever they want.

Boost brand awareness.

We offer added value partnering opportunities across our product surfaces, digital signage and the Joos app. This creates the opportunity for you to grab customer attention with our screens.

Loved by venues across the UK...

“We were very impressed with the Joos system while at Centre Stage in Brighton so would definitely be a great addition to our venue.”

“Switching to Joos has been seamless and the resulting impact quick... In the first 10 weeks, thousands of our customers enjoyed using Joos”-

“Joos’ Mobile power banks have solved the chain of problems that arise from a flat battery, and I highly recommend the service for other Emergency Departments”

“The Chargers have been very well received at Cabot and offer our customers a unique opportunity to charge whilst they shop”



Increase dwell times and spend by keeping patrons fully charged at your venue.


Enable digitalisation by empowering passengers to stay connected on their travels & get home safely.


Ensure patients, visitors and staff stay connected when it matters most – in an emergency.

— 5* Customer Satisfaction

A fully-managed service.

Joos-boost engagement, footfall and sales. 24/7 support and maintenance including replacements for lost or stolen units.

Choose the right Joos for you

Joos allows customers to stay connected on the move. Avoid security risks of having customers standing by plug sockets or asking to leave mobile phones behind your bar/counter!

Our team will arrange installation

Joos is a fully managed service, meaning setup, maintenance and 24/7 support is all on us. You don’t have to spend a single penny!

Let your customers know!

Joos is proven to boost your sales since customers are likely to stay longer when their phone batteries are fully charged. With a choice of card and mobile payment options, your business can enjoy increased dwell time and footfall.

Get Joos for your Business’

Looking for customer support? our Customer Service team is just a click away, chat with us!

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    Product Range​

    Joos Box Mini

    Perfect for venues with available countertop

    Joos Box Mini+

    Perfect for all venues... no countertop space? No problem!

    Joos Box Max

    A free-standing solution with maximum charging capacity.

    What our venues say

    “Great Partner”

    “Seamless Switch”


    “Nothing like Joos”

    “Important Service”

    “Peace of Mind”

    “Brilliant idea”

    “Super easy and efficient”

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